Monday, 25 June 2012

Questions of an InQuisitive executive

1> How some people succeed well in an altogether different cultural set ups? Thoughts?

2> When top managment manadate plays a very vital role (almost 99%) in deciding who is going to manage any certain area of a business what is the role of leadership qualities? How is ti going to help either the management (or) the folks being managed?

After all it is not a democratic set up where the subjects are going to vote & elect their leader (or) manager.

3> When you are given a chance to chose your own team - in corporate world - what are the criteria which you will consider for inducting a person in your team?

4> What makes some one to work for some one and agree to accept that some one as his/her leader? Thoughts?

5> What are the thought process goes behind before deciding to dole out a punishment / punitive action? Thoughts?

6> When a purely analytical (or) technical mind (Person) can not think of intricacies of managing a team or business, how the organisation should take up the situation and proceed? Thoughts?

7> What are the nuances of follow up? What is over follow up and what is under follow up? What the adequate amount of just correct follow up? Thoughts?

8> What are the differences and similarity between an expert and a know-it-all? Thoughts?

9> Why top notch people also quit an organisation (top notch organisations of course)? When they are recognised to have and by far a lot known to turn every adversity into an opportunity? Thoughts?

10> If any one sector / industry is known to be a profitable and paymaster why other companies exisits? Thoughts?

11> After so many trainings and conepts being taugt, why most of the top executives are some what quirky? Thoughts?

12> When you get advised to be sensitive / sensible to the the other person's (higher ups) ego and insecurities, what is the other side of the coin? Thoughts?

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