Sunday, 8 July 2012

2nd Post!!!

Reading the title of this post may kindle some thoughts in you!

In a way this could have also happened to be of my first post as I had the question in some corners in the left side of my brain "will I write a second post"?

The answer has come from the question itself!!!

While empty blogs are of altogether a different story.

It so happens and many a time I wondered why they are not continuing to write, when reading some of the blogs with only one initial (good) post.

Also there is one interesting observation I have is that most of the HR Managers/Heads of companies are tend to create a blog compared with other stream folks!! This was observed while surfing through profiles of people in LinkedIn from "People You May Know" tab. Btw I am not from HR!!!


If you come across any of the famous "Single Post Blogs" let me know in the comments box?

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