Thursday, 25 February 2016

Vegetarian Cannibal

Once upon a time, long long ago, so long ago, when there was no time, there was a news in those times,....... that once after coming across such a situation by chance, one leader of a group of Cannibal started liking vegetarian food and decided to continue with this practice.

During the aftermath of the decision, they were finding it difficult to continue this practice, find their food and because of this they were getting starved. In the meanwhile their group was also becoming comparatively weaker day by day.
There was a chance they may revert to their old custom.

This information came spreading far and wide.

Hearing this deliberate situation, one of the devote Brahmin, a Buddhist and a Jain who were healthy and of good in bodily built, decided to do something about it and preserve the vegetarianism and use this as a chance to bring and preserve Vegan among Cannibal. This could be a model for other groups and starting point for the rest of the groups of cannibal to follow.

They planned their travel to the place of Cannibal to meet and teach ways of finding, surviving with Vegetarian food. Also as an example to show the cannibal that Vegetarian food is good, easier and they can be getting convinced that it is also healthier by seeing these men as role models, as these men are well built, stronger and being vegetarian.

On the D-day, they went and took an appointment to meet the Cannibal leader.

When they were arriving, the Cannibal leader was conducting the court and met them there. They were happy and rejoicing to meet these men and to know that they are pure vegetarians. He offered them to take rest and bathe and conveyed them their happiness, he also informed them that in the evening of the day, their entire group will be assembling there and requested them to come at that time after taking rest.

The men were happy and went to take rest. They arrived neatly in the evening.

To their amusement they saw a typical fire and dance around from a distance while reaching. Wondering themselves what use will this huge fire have in this world of vegetarian Cannibal. These wise men were joking among themselves on the Cannibal practice of huge fire and amused by their ignorance of efficient cooking of vegetarian food plus the survival, adherence of old tribal practices attached to food preparation.

On reaching, they saw the leader was giving some orders to an aide standing by, to bring "Masalas". The wise men again with a face were murmuring their exclamation and surprise about the reach of Masalas so far. They couldn't help but wondering the tastefulness of Cannibal.

Upon arrival of "Masala" he stood up and with a grin on his face, he called his men and women who were all elated.  And he announced

"After a very long time, today we are going to have a lot of ' pure vegetarian' food. Come let's thank our God Dimbaagamamba and celebrate"

??????!!!!!!!!! (:-)

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